CLICHA Workshop: International accreditation & higher education

ESI Medjez El Bab

28 February 2018

7th REEV-Med General Assembly

Dr Daniele De Meneghi, member of CISAO_UniTo, CLICHA partner, has partecipated in the 7th REEV-Med General Assembly (REEV-Med: Mediterranean Network of Establishments for Veterinary Education; coupled with the Mediterranean Veterinary Congress, in Kirikkale (Turkey). The venue was at the Veterinary Faculty, Kririkkale University, on 13-14 December 2018. Dr De Meneghi gave a presentation on CLICHA project providing an overview of the activities so far carried out by the CLICHA network, including experiences gained and good practices applied in project management.  The presentation raised interest amongst participants, questions were asked and a fruitful discussion took place.

MEDVET2018-Proceedings Book

Enterprise Day

14 November 2018

Seminar in Latvia

On November 8th it was organized a seminar for farmers in organic farming in Latvia in Amata parish about climate change. Professor of LLU Dzidra Kreismaine gave a lecture on climate change for the production of agricultural products and farmers’ possibilities to adapt to climate change. The event was attended by 55 farmers. Farmers were very enthusiastic, asking about the threats and actions of the harmful organisms and the quality of production in changing climate conditions.

33rd Annual Scientific Congress of the Hellenic Society of Animal production

Preveza (Epirus) 3-5 October / 2018

Members of CLICHA team from the Agricultural University of Athens (AUA) participated in the Annual Scientific Congress of the Hellenic Society of Animal production, which was held in Preveza, in the perfection of Epirus. This congress is an annual meeting point for Animal Scientists and Veterinarians from all over Greece, presenting scientific papers that cover a wide range of topics of Animal Science, including production, reproduction, managing practices etc. The CLICHA team participated actively in the proceedings of the congress and informed the participants and the public about the scope and objectives of the project. All the attendants shared their concerns about the possible effects of climate change on Animal Production and showed great interest on the activities and outcomes of the project.

European Researcher’s Night

Campaign for the CLICHA Project in the framework of European Researcher’s Night 2018 at the National Centre for Scientific Research ‘Demokritos’. 5th of October 2018.

Poster presentation at the 1st annual meeting of AUA’s volunteer group

On Friday 5 October 2018, Dimitris Papachristou and Faye Plakantonaki presented via poster the CLICHA project to students of the Agricultural University of Athens who are part of its volunteer group.

Educational Conference by Net Media Lab

On Saturday 22 October 2018, Dr. Athanasios Drigas presented the CLICHA project in front of 250 educators, researchers and policymakers, during his welcome speech at the Annual Educational Conference, organized by Net Media Lab, at the congress center in the campus of N.C.S.R. “Demokritos”.

53rd Summer School of N.C.S.R. “Demokritos”

Presentation at  the 53rd Summer School of N.C.S.R. “Demokritos” in the framework of the 6th Hellenic Forum for Science, Technology and Innovation. On Wednesday 4 July 2018, Dr. Athanasios Drigas, Director of Net Media Lab of N.C.S.R. “Demokritos” presented the CLICHA project during his annual speech at the 53rd Summer School of N.C.S.R. “Demokritos”.


Athens Against Climate Change

5000 citizens sent a loud message on climate change by building the largest mosaic of 357.5 square meters of recyclable materials, a Guinness world record. The event took place on Saturday, October 13, 2018, at the Kallimarmaro Panathinaiko Stadium under the auspices of the Hellenic Olympic Committee. The Greek partners of the CLICHA project had the chance to disseminate to the general public and especially young people the activities and the targets of the program. Networking with youth organisations also took place. The event was widely publicised and it was screened by at least two national TV networks.