LLU is a multi-profile higher education and research institution with a solid tradition of close EU and transnational cooperation, established in 1939. University has 8 faculties: Agriculture, Veterinary Medicine, Engineering, Food Technology, Rural Engineering, Forest, Information Technologies, Economics and Social Sciences. There are 73 bachelor, master and doctoral study programmes provided by 304 lecturers and researchers for 5.264 students in 2012/2013. Besides the traditional study fields, LLU also provides multiform unique study programmes related to advanced agriculture, veterinary medicine, food production, forestry and landscape architecture. Significant part of the programmes provided is available as on-line courses. There are excellent study and laboratories premises, equipment, information technologies, transport, libraries and access to international data bases.

LLU has experience in management and implementation of various EU programme research, development, education and innovation projects. It is one of the most active organizations in terms of EC contribution granted to the FP7 research projects. During 2000-2013 LLU signed 55 agreements for ESF, 9 for ERDF, 41 for LLP (Erasmus, Grundtvig, Leonardo da Vinci, KA4, etc.), 30 for NordPlus, 1 for Tempus, 1 for Youth in Action programme, 12 for the European Territorial Cooperation programme. Local, regional and international cooperation is established with universities, scientific institutes, centres of technology transfer and SMEs since LLU is a member of different regional and international co-operation networks. There is international cooperation based on 80 cooperation agreements signed together with 21 European higher and vocational education institutions. Thus LLU has profound experience with remarkable results in implementing research, development, communication and innovation projects.