The UCAR is a Tunisian Education and Research university; it includes 35 institutions of higher education and research covering a wide array of disciplines in sciences and humanity, e.g. engineering, law, economics, management, computer sciences, etc. The National Institute of Agronomy (INAT) will be the university’s entity who will participate in the CLICHA project.

The INAT is an educational and research institute established both under the supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture (IRESA) and the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (UCAR). It was founded in 1898 and formed, since its creation, more than 4000 agronomic engineers in several specialties (i.e. Rural engineering, Water and Forestry, Vegetal production, Animal production, Fisheries and Environment, Crop Protection, Economics and Management of Enterprises Agriculture and Agro-Food Industry). Thus, INAT provided Tunisia with the necessary capacities and skills for the development of agricultural, water resources and fishery sectors.

The institute is also issuing PhD covering several specializations in agronomic sciences, namely management of water resources, agronomy and plant biotechnology, animal production, fisheries and aquaculture, agri-food technologies, plant protection, the rural economy and the management of agricultural and agri-food enterprises.