The Centre of Adaption to Climate Changes was created in 2016 at the University of Jendouba (Higher School of Rural Equipment Engineers of Medjez El Bab, ESIER), within the project CLIMADAPT, co-financed by the European Commission through the Tempus program. The main objectives of the CACC are:

  • To promote, realize and coordinate of interdisciplinary research related to the field of Climate Change Adaptation, the geographical areas involved;
  • To provide services and equipment to the purpose of supporting the above mentioned research activities;
  • To create and develop collaboration networks with National and International Institutions operating in the interested fields;
  • To act as third party by offering expert advice and consultancy;
  • To organize high-level education courses in the field of Climate Change, such as summer school courses, specific lectures dedicated to professionals and experts, seminars and workshops;
  • To disseminate events such as conferences, publications, exhibitions;

To recommend for National climate adaptation strategies and action plans: The CACC members work together in the development of recommendations for national policies and action plans for tackling climate change impact.