Academic Info Day “Climate Change in Agriculture”


On May 23, 2019, the Agricultural University of Athens organised and hosted the “Climate Change in Agriculture” info day which drew its name from the homonymous ERASMUS+ project name.
During this academic info day, students, teachers and stakeholders were presented with the methodology aspects to assess the consequences of Climate Change, case studies demonstrating the role of smart agriculture and calculated choices into tackling the adverse consequences into crops production and examples of how livestock production is adversely influenced by the rise of the planet’s temperature. Moreover, the role of education within the frames of the CLICHA project was presented, but also Prof. Dr. Falia Oikonomou had the change to share her experience as part of a different educational project, entitled “New Agriculture for New Generation”. Finally, at the discussion part of the event, the audience had the opportunity to attend a live warm debate between the speakers and members of the academia who remain unconvinced that Climate Change exists and influences the environment. A series of facts and figures were exchanged by the debating sides leaving the final conclusions to be drawn by the participants.

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Academic Info Day at Agricultural University of Athens